Hartwood is an umbrella organisation that facilitates the start-up of groups who would like to build a more sustainable future together. It acts as a medium of communication for groups and also for individuals who would like to find groups.

Hartwood is concerned with improving the environment and the lives of humans within it, and with helping the two co-exist in a way that is not damaging to either. You may have heard of the terms ‘eco-village’ and ‘permaculture’. Hartwood promotes these ideas in conjunction with aims similar to those of the Transition movement.

Land-based Projects

Current projects share a common goal of gaining access to land and figuring out a way to live on it sustainably.

Subgroups of Hartwood include various projects across the UK. These groups are gradually figuring out who and what they are. New members are sought in several regions and anyone who wants to start a new project is welcome to do so.

This could be done using the forum, which is constantly active and has varying levels of access for non-members, registered (non-paying) members and signed up (paying) members. This is a great place to discuss ideas and make connections with like-minded people.

Official Structure of Umberella

Hartwood Community Land Trust is set up as a Unincorporated Voluntary Association. Full members pay monthly £5 subs that go towards activities such as meetings, events, equipment and workshops.